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Costa Rica Teen Travel

Costa Rican Resource is a teen travel company and our goal is to reunite kids with nature in safe and adventurous environments through educational tours.

Many of our activities such as rafting, rappelling, and hiking through rainforests are all ways to get kids out intonature. And what beautiful nature we have here in Costa Rica; the kind that canreally shock the senses of these young kids. Ouridea is that ifwe get kids into nature and offer them some non-structured eventswe can reignite their childhood imagination of what it is like to have nothing but nature around and not be bored. This is where we like to distinguish our teen tours from many others.

We also consider ourselves experts inmany fields as our staff is made of some of Costa Rica's top river guides, naturalist guides, and educators. We get kids excited about natureby showing them what nature knows that we do not know and what nature can do that man has trouble doing, making it a lesson through biomimicry (learning from nature not just about nature). The kids learn to respect nature once they begin to see the the many inventions and genius ideas that are found in the natural world. All of this makes for a solid foundation in learning for the coming generations of living in a more sustainable manner.

We hope you make the investment into your kids' future and ultimately into their kids' future as we invite you to the many educational tours we offer. Try to make the world a better place for generations to come through helping today's youth find it's place in the natural world.

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