Education can be entertaining. Looking into a crater of an active volcano while a guide describes the eruption process, can be fun. Or sitting outside as a an active volcano shoots red lava into the night sky and then watching the lava flow down the side of the volcano is a rare experience. It can also be fun to learn everyday Spanish with a small group of friends and go back to your homestay and try to talk to the family with whom you are living. We have well trained Spanish teachers who are accustomed to working with American students in small groups. They can teach Spanish at all levels.

The guides are certified in nature studies and first aid. They will help you understand nature, volcanoes, the intricacies of white water and the history of Costa Rica. Guides teach all day long. They are waiting for your questions.

Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica

Learning at an Active Volcano

All of our trips be it a senior trip or completely community service it will always involve some sort of education. We can gear any trip more on certain educational subjects but all trips will involve a little bit of everything. We not only take you out into nature and visit the craters but we also do classroom activities. Before visiting an active volcano crater we might sit in a classroom at the seismology research center and listen to a description from some of Costa Rica's most well known volcanologist. After we learn how the center operates we then take you to the active volcano crater.

This same idea of classroom and then practice we apply to our Spanish studies also. Not only will we go over grammar and conversation but we will also enjoy take you out to the markets where we will put your skills to the test. Education is what we are in the business for and if you are reading this site it is because you hold some of the same interest as our company does in educating students at the highest possible level of education and keeping it fun and entertaining at the same time.